Our vision for South Molton Triangle is to create a new office, retail, restaurant, leisure & destination of international significance. 


In November 2022, Westminster City Council approved amendments to the South Molton Triangle, which will make it more sustainable and create a better place for residents, occupiers, and visitors. Find out more here

Watch this short animation to see the final proposals for the South Molton Triangle.


More jobs, shops, homes and amenities.

960 net additional jobs.

Around 35 new shops, cafes and restaurants.

Around 11 new affordable homes and 22 private homes.

56% increase in office workspace.

A 31-bed hotel with a new restaurant and basement bar.


Preserving what's great about Mayfair.

Heritage facades would be preserved and sensitively adapted.

Gray's Antiques (58 Davies Street) and the Running Horse pub (50 Davies Street) will be retained.

Celebrating the history and character of the area in the public spaces.


A greener, cleaner, more elegant place.

11 new trees and additional planting.

A new pedestrian route at 10 South Molton Street to create an additional connection.

Pedestrian only access along Davies Mews after midday to allow alfresco dining.

Consolidated servicing by electric vehicles only.

New buildings that would produce 37% less carbon than a building built to current UK standards.